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Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

In celebration of 2010, and the inaugural launch of my website, I had to begin with the top 10 hip hop albums of this past decade. Because there were so many hip hop albums to choose from, I selected the top 10 hip hop albums that had the most impact, got the most spins, were lyrically stimulating, and most memorable.




Country Grammer
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#10 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Country Grammer – Nelly

Released 2000. 8x Platinum

Nelly burst onto the hip hop scene with this debut album, introducing the nation to the Midwest Swing. Included hit singles “Country Grammer,” “E.I.,” and “Ride Wit Me.” The album was a mainstream success, and his feel good lyrics, catchy beats, and great supporting cast(St. Lunatics) made for a memorable top 10 hip hop album.



The Marshall Mathers LP
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#9 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem

Released 2000. 9x Platinum


Ah, the days when Eminem ruled the world. Eminem’s third album sold nearly 2 million copies in the first week alone! With hit singles “The Real Slim Shady,” “The Way I Am,” and “Stan,” the album had a more personal feel and serious tone, well serious for Eminem at least. It went on to win the Grammy for best hip hop album and achieved worldwide acclaim.



The Blueprint
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#8 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

The Blueprint - Jay-Z

Released 2001. 2x Platinum


It’s rare that you find an artist, already at the top of his game, find a way to re-invent himself. But that’s what Jay-Z did here. After disbanding the ROC family, he went on his own, and seemed even stronger than before. Spitting venomous lyrics, sparkin beef, and radio anthems, he seemed to reignite the hip hop industry. Filled with hit singles such as “Takeover,” “Izzo,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and “Renegade,” this is a top 10 hip hop album that you press play, sit back and enjoy!



download from itunes

#7 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Stillmatic – Nas

Released 2001. Platinum


Some consider this Nas's Humpty Dumpty album because it put him back together again. Nas was reeling before releasing Stillmatic, and attacks by Jay-Z and his critics may have provided the fuel for this top 10 hip hop album. Striking back at his critics with hit singles “Ether,” “Got Urself a Gun,” and “One Mic,” one of the best hip hop songs of all time!!(In Kanye voice) Nas regained his Illmatic swagger and showed he ain't going nowhere.



Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
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#6 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below – Outkast

Released 2003. 11x Platinum


The fifth studio album from a group some consider the best hip hop duo of all time. Issued as a double album, it consists of solo albums from Big Boi & André 3000. Speakerboxxx contains hip hop tracks consistent with Outkast’s flava, while The Love Below cover various musical styles including, pop, funk and jazz. Supported by mega hit singles “Hey Ya” and “The Way You Move,” the album went on to win the Grammy for Album of the year, sell over 15 million copies and is one of the best selling hip hop albums of all time!(Again in Kanye voice)





Trap Muzik
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#5 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Trap Muzik – T.I.

Released 2003. Platinum


After a mediocre debut with I’m Serious, many thought T.I. was done. Then came the album Trap Muzik. Released on his own label Grand Hustle Music, T.I. took us to the traps of Atlanta and introduced us to the Rubberband Man. Laced with banging beats and lyrics to match, there’s not a weak link on the album. Includes club jumpers “Rubberband Man,” “24’s” and radio hits “Let’s Get Away, “ and “Be Easy.”



Get Rich or Die Tryin
download from itunes




#4 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Get Rich or Die Tryin – 50 Cent

Released 2003. 7x Platinum


“Go shorty, it’s ya birthday, we gone party like it’s ya birthday…” and just like that, we were hooked. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s introductory album was crazy stoopid! With production and grooming from Dr. Dre & Eminem, this hip hop album not only met expectations, it busted it wide open. Laced with #1 hit singles “In da Club,” “21 Questions,” “Wanksta,” and “P.I.M.P.” this album rides from start to finish. Addictive beats, aggressive lyrics, which included the character assassination of Ja Rule, and solid backing makes this a top 10 hip hop album.



Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101
download from itunes


#3 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 – Young Jeezy

Released 2005. Platinum


Young Jeezy flooded the market with Thug Motivation 101. It wasn’t a commercially successful as it should have been, but this hip hop album is a D-Boy Classic! Not only did it have radio hit singles “Soul Survivor,” and “Go Crazy,” it included numerous club anthems such as “Air Forces,” “And Then What,” and “Gangsta Music.” Honestly yall, the entire album rides, and that’s why it’s on the list.



download from itunes



#2 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Graduation – Kanye West

Released 2007. 3x Platinum


After dropping out of college and registering late, Kanye finally made it to Graduation. You know what they say, the third times a charm, and a charm this album is. Never afraid to experiment, this album samples a lot of music genres and takes on the personality of West. With titled hits “Champion,” “Stronger,” “Good Life,” “Can’t tell me Nothing,” and “Flashing Lights” they also serve as descriptive words of his personality. Backed by a great marketing campaign with 50 Cent over who could sell the most albums, it was a great year for Mr. West.



Tha Carter 3
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#1 - Top 10 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade

Tha Carter 3 – Lil Wayne

Released 2008. 3x Platinum


OK, Honestly, I could have just as easily put Tha Carter 1 or 2 here, which I personally prefer. But the success of the Tha Carter 3 is undeniable. C’mon yall, he sold over 400,000 the first day!! With top ten hit singles “Lollipop,” “A Milli,” and “Got Money,” Lil Wayne finally attained the commercial success he desired, winning the Grammy award for Best Hip Hop Album.



Hip Hop Top 10 Honorable Mentioned:

Tha Last Meal – Snoop Dogg, 3:36 – Ja Rule, Stankonia – Outkast, Beg For Mercy - G-Unit, Kiss of Death – Jadakiss, Tha Carter – Lil Wayne, Tha Carter 2 – Lil Wayne, Chicken & Beer – Ludacris, King - T.I., Gangsta Grillz – DJ Drama, We the Best – DJ Khalid, T.I. vs. T.I.P. – T.I., Underground Kings – UGK, The Recession – Young Jeezy, Urban Legend – T.I., Food & Liquor – Lupe Fiasco, Trilla – Rick Ross, Units in the City – Shawty LO, Straight Outta Ca$hville – Young Buck, The Documentary – The Game






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