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Top 10 R&B Albums of 2011

Now it’s time to slow it down a little bit for all my R&B lovers. After all, r&b is the sister genre of hip hop, a yin & yang of sorts. And these days, with new artists like Drake and The Dream, the two genres are closer than ever. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 r&b red light specials.
R&B Top 10 imix




Just Charlie
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#10 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Just Charlie - Charlie Wilson


One time for the old school yall. Uncle Charlie has been dazzling us with his voice for over 30 years! If you don't know, you better take a listen. Favorite Tracks: You Are



Calling All Hearts
download from itunes

#9 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Calling All Hearts - Keyshia Cole


After getting married & having a baby Keyshia finally go back to the studio. Maybe not the commercial hit like her past work, the album should still please most r&b fans.
Favorite Tracks: Take Me Away



No Boys Allowed
download from itunes

#8 - Top 10 R&B Albums

No Boys Allowed - Keri Hilson


Ms. Keri baby has returned. However, since there are no boy allowed, I couldn't listen. But from what I hear, it's pretty good.
Favorite Tracks: Pretty Girl Rock



Love Letter
download from itunes

#7 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Love Letter - R. Kelly


Not your typical R. Kelly album, and by typical I mean sexy, freaky, on the verge of raunchy. R evokes the sounds of 60's and 70's soul with tracks like "Radio Message" and "When a Woman Loves." A nice change from the norm.
Favorite Tracks: Love Letter, When A Woman Loves



The Lady Killer
download from itunes

#6 - Top 10 R&B Albums

The Lady Killer - Cee Lo


One of the most underrated music minds of our era. Cee-Lo exhibits yet another side of talents, r&b/soul. The album draws inspiration from 70's r&b/soul music, but with his eclectic twist. WIth an extremely catchy & vulgar lead song, this album is a great listen.
Favorite Tracks: Fuck You, Fool For You





Last Train to Paris
download from itunes

#5 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Last Train to Paris - Dirty Money


Diddy stepped out of the box on this project and has some great hits... and misses. I think he has amassed great talent around him to complete this album. Unfortunately, his lack of vocal & lyrical talent still stands out like a sore thumb. You tend to get that, this track would be great if you weren't on it Diddy.
Favorite Tracks: Loving You No More, Hello Good Morning, Angels



download from itunes

#4 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Loud - Rihanna


Is it just me or is Rihanna taking over where Beyonce left off? This new R&B princess is everywhere, the Grammys, All-Star Games, and all the clubs. She os on the rise!
Favorite Tracks: What's My Name



Libra Scale
download from itunes

#3 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Libra Scale - Ne-Yo


The Smooth R&B Gentleman follows up multiple albums with Libra Scale. He and Rick Ross combine talents again for another hit, and the rest of the album follow the Champagne Life theme.
Favorite Tracks: Champagne Life, One In A Million



Passion, Pain & Pleasure
download from itunes

#2 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Passion, Pain & Pleasure - Trey Songs


His longest album to date and maybe one of his best. It includes classic Trey Songz bedroom bangers and new club hits. But he also ventures into some pop & rock, expanding as an artist. This album is sure to satisfy his core fans and possibly gain some new ones.
Favorite Tracks: Bottoms Up, Love Faces



Best Night of My Life
download from itunes

#1 - Top 10 R&B Albums

Best Night of My Life - Jamie Foxx


In his 3rd album, J Foxx picks off right where he left off with Intuition. Packed with club anthems and bedroom bangers, this may be his best effort yet. He has plenty of guest appearances on this album, yet it doesn't sound pieced together.
Favorite Tracks:
Fall for Your Type, Living Better Now ft. Rick Ross







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