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Top 10 Rappers

It’s time to talk MC’s. It takes a lot to be a top 10 rapper. You must have commercial appeal, platinum albums, mix cd’s, and swagger. Now please don’t mistake this list for the top 10 rappers of all time, that will be released later. I’m talking about who the top 10 rappers are right now!




the game

#10 - Top 10 Rappers

The Game


Maybe a little underrated, The Game still reps hard for the west coast. Even after leaving Aftermath, he has shown little drop off, and he’s improving with every album. Lately he's been killin the mixtape game. Let me put you on The Game!





#9 - Top 10 Rappers



Listen when I say, this guy may be the future of hip-hop. More than just a rapper, B.O.B is a musician who happens to rap as well. His debut album displays his array of talents, and his music is  a breath of fresh air in today’s rap game. Not about having the biggest bling or most swag, B.O.B is about making the best music.



nicki minaj

#8 - Top 10 Rappers

Nicki Minaj


It’s Great to have a female MC in the game again, It’s been far too long. Nicki Minaj has the right mix of skill, pop, and sex appeal. Honing her craft on mix cd's and building buzz, the time was right. Her debut release Pink Friday displays her lyrical & vocal talents, appealing to both men and women.




#7 - Top 10 Rappers



The King of the south has been having some legal trouble lately.  Guns, drugs, take your pick. It’s no question the young man is talented, just wish he stay out of trouble. Still, with the release of No Mercy there is no denying him a spot in the top 10 list.




#6 - Top 10 Rappers



“The Newcomer that everyone in rap fears...” There are not many words to explain the invasion of Drake.  Rarely does a newcomer gain top 10 rapper status, but women luv him, guys wanna be him, and everything he touches seems is a instant hit. Leading the new era of rap/r&b, Drake is a star in the making.





rick ross

#5 - Top 10 Rappers

Rick Ross


The Boss is getting bigger and bigger, and I’m not talking about his weight. Now under management by Diddy, Ross is really taking it to the next level. While other rapper are spending time in and out of jail, Ross is slowing taking over. One time for the 305 yall!



kanye west

#4 - Top 10 Rappers

Kanye West


Glad Mr. West decided to get it back together and grace us with his presence. After putting down the Hennessey and getting some model therapy, Kanye got back on track with My Dark Twisted Fantasy. Egotistical, and not afraid to say it, he reminds us “ It’s a pleasure knowing me.”




#3 - Top 10 Rappers



I know BET left Jay off their list, and I can see why. But there is no way I could leave Jay-Z off the list. And every time we think he’s hanging it up, he come back. You could almost call him the Brett Farve of Hip Hop. Nonetheless, Jigga has truly mastered his craft, and not likely to retire anytime soon, unless of course, Beyonce says so.




#2 - Top 10 Rappers



I have to be honest, Eminem wasn’t even on my last top 10 list. It was as if, he was forgotten. But boy did he return with a vengeance. With the releases of Relapse and Recovery, Eminem regained his position among the lyrical elite & on top of the billboard charts.



lil wayne

#1 - Top 10 Rappers

Lil Wayne


Maybe one of the first rappers raised by hip hop, Lil Wayne has come a long way. From hook-maker of The Hot Boys, to Birdman Jr., to now being the boss of Young Money.  Hands down one of, if not, the best lyricists right now, Wayne seems to rhymes with ease. Not to mention he has been the mix-cd king the last 5 years. Out of jail, again, he seems as focused as ever.







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